Warning: New Cell Phone SCAM
You may be in the giving spirit this holiday season, but there is one thing you are being warned not to do with your cell phone. This is so you can avoid being scammed.
Amazon Scam Alert
It's the holiday season and everywhere we look there's another scam to be aware of. This one has to do with Amazon. Here's what to look for so you don't fall for it.
Watch Out For Fake Wells Fargo Bank Phishing Emails
You know what phishing is, right?  Someone sends you a letter "fishing" for information from you - be it your social security number or bank account information.  I'm getting sick to death of these things, so I'm going to start publishing these fake emails so yo…
Things Never To Purchase at a Dollar Store
We at the Sean and Richie Show are always out to keep more moola in your wallet.  We feature the Coupon Lady every week for example.  There are other ways to save as well, like the good old Dollar Store. But I have to caution you-there are limits here!

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