DoorDash announced that millions have been affected by a major security breach. They are reaching out to those affected. According to WKBW, DoorDash, the food delivery service company, said that a cyber hack has affected four-point nine million users. It also affects restaurants and delivery drivers.

They say that there was "unusual activity involving a third-party service provider" earlier in the month. It turns out that, after an investigation, the data was accessed back on May 4th.

The good news is that users that they believe to be part of the breach were those who joined DoorDash on or before April 5th of 2018. Your information is not compromised if you joined after that date.

The company says that full credit card numbers or the CVV number on the back were not compromised. It appears that the last four digits of credit cards, delivery addresses, order history, and phone numbers were accessed. They believe one hundred thousand Dashers driver's licenses were also accessed.

To get more information about this major DoorDash data breach, click HERE.

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