As a Waterford resident, I have to say this whole bridge construction has been a pain.

Now listen, before you go and get upset with me and say, "it needed to be done" or "don't you care about safety?" Of course I care and of course I know it needed to be done, but still, as an every day commuter, it was starting to become more and more of a problem.

I was having the issue of forgetfulness. The construction team did the right thing and had the big electronic road signs letting residents know when the area would be closed, which was every weekend in July but, alas, I would still forget. Imagine already running a few minutes behind to an event and get almost all the way to the bridge and having to turn around and head through Troy to get to 787. Your hear starts to pound and your tummy gets in a knot. I did it a lot.

Waterford Bridge credit Marissa
Waterford Bridge credit Marissa

That was of course my own problem and a matter of a slip of the mind, but then I found myself leaving at my normal time a couple weeks ago, in fact, I left early to stop at Dunkin Donuts for a morning treat and ended up in 35 minutes of traffic trying to get over the bridge. I still am unsure what the hold up was considering there didn't seem to be any issues, except that I was now running way behind and now, hangry. Fail.

Thankfully, this week the bridge was finished up and officially open for consistent, regular traffic. While they clean up the old bridge, the new, beautiful creation is open for business and it's great to be back to normal again!


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