Body Of 20-Year-Old Pulled From Hudson River
Imagine you're walking along the river banks of the Hudson and see something that looks like it could be a body. Usually, it turns out to be a loose article of clothing or a tree branch, but in this case, it was in fact the body of a deceased man.  Police responded to a call Wednesday afternoon from…
Madison's Reaction During Hometown Idol Visit
Tuesday our American Idol, Madison Vandenburg, came home to an amazing celebration as she is one of the final three to win the show. There was a pep rally at her high school and she put on a free concert at the Crossings. Her reaction to it all was priceless.
9 Ways Cohoes Will Change After Madison Wins Idol
The Capital Region is in a complete frenzy over American Idol coming to town and rightfully so.  Shaker High School student Madison VanDenburg has provided such a lift to the area. We're once again watching the show many of us grew up on and with major rooting interest.  Brian and Chrissy had some f…
VanDenburg To Sing With Star Country Duo On AI Finale
A few short hours after Cohoes' Madison VanDenburg made it to the season finale of American Idol next Sunday night, details began unfolding about the upcoming 3-hour finale. Next Sunday night's show will feature some big performances and dream duets as the idol contestants have paired up with some o…

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