I actually embellished the story.  He said he was HALF an Orangutan.  The other half?  Elvis' brother!.  

No, I am not hallucinating.  This is a true story.  I had to read it several times, but according to NaplesNews.com (not Naked News - Naples News) this guy was arrested outside of a bank accused of assault.  He started spouting out that he was 1/2 orangutan and also:

In addition to monkey blood, (the accused repeatedly) told deputies he was the director of the CIA and later told them he was Elvis Presley’s brother and a good friend of “President Bush” with whom he shares an attorney.

Whenever you think you've heard, seen and read it all, you show up at work on a morning radio show and another news story hits your desk that you don't even have to rewrite.  You can't make this stuff up!

I'm wondering how our friends at Tully Rinkey would defend this guy?  I should have asked them this morning!  By the way, they're on every Monday morning usually, and can answer any of your legal questions, and they don't monkey around!