Without knowing this story, this title would make my blood boil but this may be the first (and only) time that I laugh about a robber stealing flags from a cemetery.

Were they robbers? Yes, but were they human? No. News10 reported on the cutest criminals at the Bellevue Cemetery in Adams, MA. Last week, residents were furious to find that many flags off of gravesites at the cemetery had gone missing. They spent a few days trying to figure out who the culprit was until they found them in a big hole.

One of the workers was watering flowers when he found all of the missing flowers at the bottom of the hill on the ground. As a veteran, he was upset to see the flags disrespected like that and reported it to the police and took the discovery to Facebook. After some further investigation, a woman saw a woodchuck steal the flag and run away with it. The woodchucks were having babies and needed the flags to create a perfect nest and now that the babies have been born, the cemetery has said no further flags have gone missing.


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