Old Fashioned Police Work Nabs Burglars
I am convinced that someday I will catch a criminal. I am not sure how or where I will be, but I do know that I would have even had a chance to catch these burglars if I was on the case. Good old fashioned police work put these guys behind bars.
31 Year Old Massachusetts Man Poses as an Old Man to Avoid Cops
A 31-year-old guy named Shaun Miller from Hyannis, Massachusetts was indicted on heroin trafficking charges in April and has been on the run from the cops ever since.
Why haven't they been able to catch him?  Well, because Shaun has been hiding in plain sight by disguising himself as a…
Security Images A Blur
As I’m scanning through the news, on line and on tv, I see that someone stole from a business.
The security camera shows the picture of the thief. This is usually followed up by the words: “if you know who this person is please call the police department”..…