I am convinced that someday I will catch a criminal. I am not sure how or where I will be, but I do know that I would have even had a chance to catch these burglars if I was on the case. Good old fashioned police work put these guys behind bars. There was over $15,000 in jewelry stolen from a home in Colonie on Old Niskayuna Road. When police investigated in and around the property, they noticed several footprints in the snow. They followed the footprints to a parking lot next to a business where employees saw a red Mercury Sable parked in the lot during the time of the burglary on January 10th.

They followed up by using surveillance from the business to identify the man in the video. The information on the vehicle let them to a 66 year old career criminal and his 26 year old accomplice. They are believed to be involved in burglaries in Southern Albany County, other places in Albany County, Bethlehem, Altamont and Guilderland.

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