Spectrum announced on Friday that users will see an increase in their cable bill here in the Capital Region. The pandemic has certainly led to a massive increase in the amount of content and streaming services that families are using, and as a result of rising industry costs, there will be a price hike for local customers beginning in August.  According to The Democrat and Chronicle starting on August 5th, Spectrum plans to increase rates a total of  $2.95 per month to cable subscribers. The increase, from $13.50 to $16.95, according to the source is a result of a "regulatory fee levied by cable providers to recoup money paid to local broadcasting companies."

The hike in price will not affect those currently using promotional packages, Spectrum internet, voice or mobile plans according to the Democrat and Chronicle.  There won't be an increase in the cable bill for for the use of Spectrum equipment either, the company says.

According to the Democrat and Chronicle, a Spectrum spokesperson justified the nearly $3 a month raise in the cable bill due to higher costs throughout the industry by announcing that "the increase we are passing through to viewers is a direct result of these rising programming costs.”

According to the source, if Spectrum users are enrolled through a promotional package, their bill will not be affected until after the promotional period is over.

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