Columbia County Has $45,000 Take 5 Lottery Winner
Columbia County is boasting the latest Take 5 winner in the New York Lottery. This time someone won the top prize of forty-five thousand dollars. The winning ticket was sold for Saturday night's (July 31st) drawing at a busy convenience store.
Surprise Tax Refund Coming to Some New Yorkers This Week
Chances are if you got your tax refund from the IRS it is already gone. But there is some hope to see a surprise tax refund that could be deposited in your bank account starting this week. This is because some taxpayers overpaid taxes on their unemployment compensation in 2020.
HOLY BALLS! $50K Take 5 Ticket Sold in Rensselaer County
Troy, stand up!  Some great news to report this morning if you regularly play Take 5 from the New York Lottery.  It appears that more than likely someone from Troy - or just outside of it - purchased a jackpot winning ticket from a convenient store for last night's Take 5 drawing and …
Pittsfield Man Wins 2nd Million Dollar Jackpot in 20 Years
How in the world does this happen and is it okay for me to be happy for this Pittsfield man, but not too happy? I mean, we all know someone who's pretty lucky, but this is off the charts stuff here.
According to a man in Pittsfield recently claimed a 1 million dollar jackpot f…
Saratoga County Cumby’s Sold 60K Take 5 Ticket
The Capital Region has had our fair share of big payout Take 5 winners in recent months, and another jackpot winner popped on Thursday night and it was sold in Saratoga County.   So check your Take 5 lottery ticket, you might be be sitting on some pretty serious money right now, and not even know it…
$30K Take 5 Ticket Sold in Schenectady County
Check your Take 5 ticket from the New York Lottery. Someone purchased a ticket from a a convenient store in Rotterdam Junction for last night's drawing and whoever won is sitting on some pretty serious money right now and they may not even know it.
$21K 'Take 5' Winner Sold in Rensselaer County
I love playing the lottery but lately, I think I'm playing the wrong games. It seems that more and more winners in the Capital Region of twenty thousand dollars or more are coming from the New York Lottery's Take 5 Drawing. This time a winner cashed in on a twenty-one thousand Take 5 lotte…
Pay For Live Sports on TV During COVID? Refund Coming
Last year around this time, everything started to get canceled. The majority of those were live sports. If you paid for a specific channel or a live sporting event, you have some money coming to you. A deal has been reached with seven cable providers to give New Yorkers the refund they deserve for s…
Screen Detox for 24 Hours = $2400 - Sounds Too Easy
There is a contest that I think is right up my alley. But it's not for everyone. It's called a screen detox which means that you have to give up all screens for twenty-four hours. Not only does this mean cell phones but it's laptops, television, gaming, all computers, smartwatches, an…

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