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Dramatic Video Shows Montgomery County Trooper Rescue Drowning Man
The life and work of a New York State Trooper can change as rapidly as the weather does here in the Capital Region.  One day you might be chasing bad guys going 100 MPH, the next you could be rescuing an injured owl on the side of the road, later that day you might be helping an old lady fix a …
After a Successful Hiring Spree, Albany’s Holiday Lights Will Happen
While we wait on the future fate of Capital Holiday Lights in the Park beyond this year, new problems recently arose for this season, which was slated to begin next month.
The relationship between PAL (the organizers of Holiday Lights) and the city of Albany has been stressful, and at times contentio…
Fulton County Police Look for Savage Who Left Helpless Puppy for Dead
Police in Fulton County want some help. Perhaps you or someone you know may recognize the sweet, innocent, pup in the photo as local law enforcement searches for the person or persons responsible for leaving him all alone, to die.
On Sunday, a Facebook post that has already been shared thousands of …

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