Not trying to  beat this "Snowmegeddon Winter" subject into the ground, but I have to ask you one more question that bugs the heck out of me, and then I'll leave this alone for awhile--promise!
I have looked--in my own neighborhood and casually as I drive around the area, and it just boggles my mind.  I never see kids playing out in the snow anymore!  Have you noticed that?  (I also don't see many teenagers shoveling to make extra money, but that's another beef, and I promised that. after this blog,  I would leave this subject alone.  Wow-this is tougher than I thought!)

But have you found the same thing?  Do you have kids?  Do they run outside with their snowpants on like in the old days after gathering up the broom, pipe and hat from dad's closet? (whoops--a pipe smoking snowman?  BAAAAAADDD!)
Am I just making an over-generalization here?  Are kids so tied to their computer games and cellphones that they'd rather buy a snowmaking APP than play with the real thing? Well, I did find one bit of solace over the weekend.  As I was driving back into my neighborhood, I happened to catch this out of the corner of my eye.  My neighbor Pete and daughter Lilly playing right in the middle of the street!!!  (don't worry, it was a dead end area that noone uses).

LillyPete snow

I was so excited to see snow actually being used for creative purposes that I ran in the house and grabbed this shot.  I'm hoping that they didn't mind the intrusion upon their father/daughter time.  It was just so rare to see that I thought I would share this.
Maybe this will be an inspiration for you to bundle the kids up and take them out there.    (And I say this as I look outside begrudgingly, wondering why I have to shovel the driveway YET AGAIN!!!!!!)   Where are those teenagers when you need them?  --I know--World of Warcraft.  Any questions?

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