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16-Year-Old Becomes Millionaire Playing Fortnite (AUDIO)
Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf  won 3 million dollars by taking home first place in the 'Fortnite World Cup' in NYC last Sunday. Kyle is 16-years-old and his life is basically set after dominating a game that many parents (and perhaps siblings) think of as a nuisance.  The truth is, it doesn't matter what i…
BOGO Video Games At Target
If you are a gamer, or know someone who is, you know that video games are not cheap. Here's something that can not only help out those who love to play, but also parents who want to keep their kids busy. All this week at Target, select titles of video games are buy one get one free!
Mind Blown: One Awesome Night Of Retro Video Games And Craft Beer
I saw this and had to share it, it just seems like a great idea. Many of us were too young to (legally) enjoy delicious beers while we were playing our Atari's or Nintendo 64's - but thanks to a pretty cool looking event in Schenectady next weekend - you can have your Super Mario Brothers …
Sasquatch VR at the Great Escape [VIDEO]
Brian, Chrissy & I got to broadcast live from the Great Escape last week and had the amazing opportunity to test out the new virtual reality attachment to the Sasquatch ride. You're welcome, Brian & I saved the world.
There’s a Video Game for That?
I love video games and with the addition of virtual reality, you can honestly do anything with some sort of controller. Not only does it surprise me that there's a video game for this, but then we had to prove the real thing is harder.

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