Pigskin Pickins: Jimmie Allen Takes Best Shot At NFL Wk 2 (AUDIO)
Country star Jimmie Allen gave it his 'Best Shot' when he joined Brian and Chrissy during their weekly Pigskin Pickins segment.  As a lifelong Eagles fan, Jimmie (who we love) proved to be no more classier than the reputation that precedes most Eagle fans.  He trashed the hometown NY Giants, Chrissy…
'Racially Insensitive' H.S. Soccer Game Cancelled
A superintendent at a Massachusetts high school has canceled a planned 'whiteout' fundraiser soccer game after enough people complained. Why you ask?  Because words matter according to the super, and the term 'whiteout' was deemed racially insensitive.
GNA Phony Phone Call: Dirty Fantasy Football League (AUDIO)
You may have heard this gem of a prank call on GNA last week just before the 2019 NFL season got underway.  We got word from one of our listeners that 'Sue' in Altamont is in charge of her Fantasy Football League and has been slightly consumed by it.  It's her first year in the league and she's also…
Carly Pearce Picks NFL Week 1
The NFL season is underway and each week Brian and Chrissy will be checking in with a country artist to ask them for their picks. This week, to kick it off, we sat down with Carly Pearce to get her football insight and picks.
Colleague Blows Off Work For Fantasy Draft
I love Fantasy Football as much as the next guy or girl, but it's highly unlikely I'm ever going use my 'draft' as an excuse to miss work. I mean, I may miss work because of the draft (which I've never done, btw) but my boss would never know that!  This actually happened to a colleague of mine.  He'…
10 Things I Noticed During Arena Bowl 32
Last night's Arena Bowl Championship was a lot of fun and felt like a throwback to the 90's when the Firebirds were kings of the town.  Just like in 1999, area fans will never forget where they were and who they were with when the 2019 Albany Empire won Arena Bowl 32.  Here are some random thoughts …
Brian, Chrissy and Malachi Jones 'Roast The Rosters' Before Arena
The Capital Region is excited for the ArenaBowl tomorrow night and we're pretty confident that the Albany Empire will 'finish the business' that started as soon as they lost in last year's semi-final game in the 2018 AFL playoffs.  While many of the Empire players have become household names in the …
GNA's This Is 'Empire Country' Song
We're all pumped up for the Arena Bowl Sunday night and pretty darn sure our Empire are gonna crush the Philadelphia Soul.  Here's the parody song you may have heard on the show with Brian and Chrissy this week on GNA!

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