Bills Mafia Responds Big to QB's Family Loss
My household is filled with Buffalo Bills fans and they love their team. We all watched the game last Sunday, and quarterback Josh Allen played well and got the win for his team. But no one had any idea what he was dealing with. In true Bills Mafia fashion, they made a beautiful gesture in honor of …
Chrissy Yells Halloween Cheers at Son's Game [AUDIO]
My son Ryan is on a fall baseball team and it is so much fun to watch his team play. This past Sunday was his last doubleheader of the fall season. I didn't let up, though. I was just as loud and obnoxious. I also added a Halloween twist to my cheering.
Upstate NY Bids Hard for NBA Team
Could the NBA's Toronto Raptors be coming to Upstate New York for the upcoming season?  If city officials have their way (and they're pushing hard)  it's a strong possibility.
Joey Boombatz #BillsMafia Makes us Wanna Shout
My future brother-in-law, Joey, is a hardcore Buffalo Bills fan. He goes by the nickname Joey Boombatz and he comes on with us to discuss how the Bills will do each week. They have started off the season strong and this week they head to the Meadowlands to take on my New York Jets. What will Joey sa…
Chrissy Yells Out 'Moons Over Myhammy' at Son's Game
We are very fortunate that we are still playing baseball. Not only because of the pandemic, but the weather has been cooperating too. Ryan only has a few fall baseball games left and I am still cheering loudly to his teammates and at the games as the "Big League Chooch".
Steal a Base, Steal a Taco Starts Tonight
The 2020 World Series starts this week and you have a chance to score a free taco if a player from either team steals a base. This promotion is back but this year it's easier than ever to claim your free taco. Here are the details.
For One Night, We Were All Shen Baseball Parents
What I'm about to write comes from the sports fan and the dad in me:  I can't remember a time when a local athlete made me more proud.  I don't know Braves pitcher Ian Anderson or his father Bob or anyone in their family.  But as a father and a man who has always had a deep rooted love for sports (e…
Chrissy Cheers on Son's Team -Ruins Halloween
I really enjoy watching Ryan play baseball and love cheering him and his teammates on. I admit I get a bit loud and sometimes obnoxious. It is all done in good fun and now I am shouting out things to his teammates to get them motivated.
Rexford Phenom Looks To Continue MLB Dominance
On Wednesday afternoon, all eyes will be on the former Shen phenom who has taken MLB by storm in just a few short months. When Ian Anderson, the stud rookie starting pitcher for the Atlanta Braves, makes a start today in game 2 of the National League Division Series, he'll be doing so coming of…

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