What's Needed For a NY Winter Car Emergency Kit [GALLERY]
With the impending major snowstorm in the Capital Region, it's an important reminder of what you need to make sure you are safe if you get stranded in your car during a storm. Here is a comprehensive list of what you should have in your vehicle in the winter in New York.
Watch Chrissy's Mom Make a 'Blizzard' Drink [VIDEO]
I don't have to tell you that we got a whopper of a snowstorm yesterday and in my mom's true fashion, she made the best of it. Watch her as she teaches you how to make a drink in honor of the nearly thirty inches of snow we got. Check out my mom making a Blizzard.
I Learned My Lesson - Don't Get Caught Without This Car Survival
When we were traveling back from Buffalo on Christmas eve, we were caught in a pretty bad snowstorm that stayed with us across the state. Fortunately, we were able to get home safely but it was a very scary trip. From now on, I will make up two of these survival kits and put one in each of our cars.…