My Son Tells Us How St. Jude Helps Parents Worry Less [AUDIO]
Ryan is a very compassionate kid and each year I talk to him about how important St. Jude Radiothon is and what they do. I asked him about cancer, St. Jude, and how he thinks we can all help the parents of the sick children worry less. When you listen to the words and innocence of a child talking ab…
Chrissy Yells Out 'Moons Over Myhammy' at Son's Game
We are very fortunate that we are still playing baseball. Not only because of the pandemic, but the weather has been cooperating too. Ryan only has a few fall baseball games left and I am still cheering loudly to his teammates and at the games as the "Big League Chooch".
'Work From Home' Toys For Kids - To Be Just Like You [PIC]
During the pandemic, many parents were forced to work from home and some still are. They have been spending more time with their kids and as a result, they are modeling their behavior. Now you can buy your kid a set of toys so they can play-work alongside you.
MiSci Reopening This Week
The Museum of Innovation and Science (miSci) in Schenectady is getting ready to reopen this week. Because of COVID-19, miSci was forced to close but will now reopen with certain changes and new exhibits.

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