I love this time of year. There's something about the holiday season and the holiday spirit in everything that brings a smile to my face. Luckily, here in the Capital Region, there are a ton of things to do and in the next two weeks, I want to do all of them.

Capital Holiday Lights in the Park [Albany] - I feel like this is the one thing I have to do every holiday season. Just seeing the lights, getting to the playhouse and having a cup of hot cocoa, it solidifies the holiday season for me.

Ice Skating at Empire State Plaza [Albany] - I don't get to go ice skating very often but I love looking at the beautiful plaza while doing it. It puts you in the mindset of ice skating in Rockefeller Center without the cost of need to travel far (Fridays are free skate days).

Sledding in Central Park [Schenectady] - no idea if we're going to have enough snow to sled in the next two weeks but there's one hill in Central Park that brings me right back to my childhood.

Cross Country Ski/Snowshoe in Saratoga State Park [Saratoga] - again, it's contingent on how much snow we get between now and Christmas but it's a great easy, calm activity and looking out at the park covered in snow is beautiful!

Find a Local Clark Griswold - I want to find a house that goes all out for Christmas. Lights all over the house, crazy decorations, even music timed to a light show - I know of Apple Blossom Ln off of Consaul in Colonie but there's gotta be more!

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