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WANTED: Area HS Seniors for Custom Country Song
Time is running out, but we've made it even easier for you to be a Capital Region high school senior featured on GNA's Senior Class Shout-Out Song.  We've added a phone line and an easier way to accommodate all of the messages from students who wish to be a part of it.
Former Albany Examiner Says 3 Cops Killed Floyd
The independent medical examiner hired by members of George Floyd's family revealed key autopsy evidence that paints a much different picture than the one painted by the Hennipen County Medical Examiner's office.   Dr. Michael Baden, the well-known forensic specialist who formerly worked in the Capi…
Another Unsettling Albany Night Had Me Wondering, "What If?"
Honestly, my whole thought process has been screwed up for about a week now.  It started with the deplorable murder of George Floyd and it has continued every night since.  I can't wrap my head around anything I've been watching on the national news or witnessing here in Albany, my hometown.
I'm seei…
Area Drive-Ins Roll Out Different Safety Guidelines
Last week, the Jerico Drive-In opened up and patrons respected the new series of rule changes and guidelines. This weekend, the Malta, Hollywood and the Hi-Way Drive-In will open and they have listed a series of social distancing and safety guidelines that they expect patrons to follow. They do slig…
Albany Announces 'Virtual' Tulip Fest
There are some things that social distancing cannot take away from us; a beautiful sunset, a relaxing drink on your porch or in your backyard, or the simple beauty of a tulip.  While there will be no large gatherings at Albany's Washington Park for this years Tulip Fest, the city of Albany wants you…
'Pause' Protest Happening in Albany This Week
While a recent Siena College poll determined that 87% of people think that Governor Cuomo is doing a good job handling the coronavirus pandemic, there are many who disagree with that.  Some of those people think that the pandemic has been greatly exaggerated, and they plan to voice their frustr…
Area TCBY Closes For Business
The Cruel Business of Yogurt. As a frequent visitor of TCBY and lover of frozen yogurt, this news completely bummed me out.  An area TCBY, the one that kick started my obsession a few years back, put a lid on their business on Friday.
Listener "Wowed" By Intuitive Medium Deborah's Reading
Intuitive Medium Deborah has been a friend of Brian and Chrissy in the Morning for years and every once in a while we have her do free readings for some of our listeners. This time, it was Renee from Amsterdam who wanted to connect with her ex-husband who had recently passed.

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