I'm pretty sure I spent 30 minutes going the 'wrong way' inside Price Chopper last night and I felt like a horrible person because of it.  All of the isles are clearly marked with 'one way' arrows on the floor and I unintentionally awful at abiding by them.  One man saw me coming the wrong way and did the grocery store equivalent of flashing his high beams, he held up a banana and started pointing it at me, waving me back like he worked in a parking lot. I was a mess.  Am I being watched?  I kept waiting for an unmarked 'cart' to pull me over.  'Where ya goin?' they'd ask. 'Umm...to get blueberry muffin mix?', I'd sheepishly reply.   'Can I take a look at your grocery list and Price Chopper Advantage card please?' the PC Patrol would ask.

It's bad enough that half of the things my girlfriend sends me out for I can't find, now if I miss something, I can't just turn the dang cart around.  I will admit that I felt a little better about my negligent self after seeing a Facebook post from our friend Kristi from the Times Union paper.  Many of her readers suffered the same thing, they too found themselves going the wrong way down a grocery store isle.

I don't know if the 'one way' will continue when social distancing lessens, but in the meantime, I have to do a better job of getting used to them.  I want to properly follow all the rules of social distancing, but 'one way' isles in grocery stores had me in a panic last night.

I'm shaking my head wondering how many gas points I've already blown.

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