According to a former UPS worker, when you write "fragile" on a box, you actually get an opposite response from those handling it! I guess your experience may vary, but according to an article in the, when you put that warning on a box, it becomes an invitation for your precious little item  to be dropkicked, chucked across the room, karate-chopped and everything else.

So what are you supposed to do?  According to the article, DON'T WRITE "FRAGILE" ON THERE.  They actually did a test and put sensors in random packages to see how much shaking and baking these FRAGILE boxes received, and on average they "got more abuse" than regular packages, according to the article.

Here's the summary from a gentleman on YouTube:

Isn't that sick? You might as well write "Throw this package against a brick wall, we know you're going to do it anyway."

Do you put warning labels on your packages?  Would like to know!

photo by Richie


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