Time To Get Hired For A Holiday Job
If you are looking for a part-time seasonal job, this is the best time to start looking and get hired. A lot of box stores and chain retailers are looking for a ton of holiday help.
Retailers Are Looking To Hire Seasonal Workers Now!
Looking for a seasonal position?  Stores in the Capital Region are already looking to hire!
I could not believe my eyes when I saw on WNYT Channel 13 that seasonal jobs are already being filled.  But, it's true!
If you are one looking to work this holiday season, here are the stores to …
I Must Know If This is True… UPS Trucks Never Turn Left?
A couple of years ago, some news reports came out saying the UPS drivers were no longer going to make left hand turns. The reason? To be more efficient and safer.
Cutting out left turns would save the trucks from jutting out into an intersection to turn, thus cutting the chance of getting into an acc…