Don't say you haven't used your cellphone on the "throne".  You know what they say about denial!  (It's not just a river in know the rest)  Anyway, the stats are in!According to Travis Boatman, vice president of worldwide studios for EA Mobile at Electronic Arts, people are playing mobile games more at home than they do on a commute.  In fact, according to

About 1 percent of the time, users play games in an airport. Users play mobile games in the restroom about 7 percent of the time.

One of the top games right now, according to EA Sports is "Need For Speed", a racing game.  Very big on the iphone.  Another big one? Angry Birds.

So what we're saying here is that a person playing these little portable "time killers" are 7 times more likely to play in the restroom then waiting at Southwest Gate #42.

So the big question here is--are they right?  Is this stat correct?  How 'bout texting?  Come on--fess up!  Have you ever texted while "assuming the seated position"?   I have to say that I have.  I have also looked at Facebook messages, checked news sites, email-- even checked to see how my blogs look on our website.  The one thing I have never done--ever, is play a game!!!  So go figure!  (but I must admit-it is a nice quiet atmosphere to get work done!)

Read the whole article here if you wish at  Read it in the bathroom--less interruption!!!