Madison’s Fans Claim Glitch In American Idol Voting
Did you have any issues voting for Madison VanDenburg last night on American Idol?  Scrolling through the comments on Facebook and Twitter it seemed that many people received an 'error' message once they voted or, in some instances, votes for Madison appeared to not have been counted at all. What's the explanation for this?
I Had To Block Politicians Who Were Relentlessly Texting Me
I get it.  It costs money to win political elections.  But since last Wednesday, I was getting text messages on the daily practically begging me to make a donation.  I realize that our local elections will be over tomorrow, but as we get set for general, primary, and special elections on a national level, I knew the madness had to stop, and it finally did.  If politicians are texting you, it liter
Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman Never Do This? Not Possible!
Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman have been married for 11 years and in that time, especially seeing them together at award shows, you have to assume that they love each other. I figured they want to be in contact with each other at all times but apparently there's one form of communication they don't use.
How Bad Will Cell Phone Addiction Get?
Earlier this morning on the show, we had the "content queen" Kristi Gustafson Barlette from the Times Union talking about a phone obsessed America.  If it's bad now, how much worse do you think it will be in 20 years?
Here Are the Most Commonly Broken Laws
Are you guilty of any of these?  Chances are, you totally break most of these commonly broken laws. A new survey asked people who AREN'T in jail what laws they break most often.  Here are the top eight - 1.  Speeding.   2.  H...
Can't It Wait?
You hear people say all the time that you shouldn't text and drive. You shouldn't talk on the phone and drive. As I drive around, I see people doing those things even they though they know better. It can mean the difference between life and death...
Oh, No She Didn’t! Bride Checks Phone During Wedding Ceremony [Watch]
Just before he "gives her away" the father of the bride is disgusted by his daughter as she pulls her phone out of her top and shoots a quick text out! The video is from a 2008 wedding in San Diego, but  Reddit recently got ahold of it and now it's all over the place - And for more cringe-worthy moments, check out this wedding fail compilation...

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