I get it.  It costs money to win political elections.  But since last Wednesday, I was getting text messages on the daily practically begging me to make a donation.  I realize that our local elections will be over tomorrow, but as we get set for general, primary, and special elections on a national level, I knew the madness had to stop, and it finally did.  If politicians are texting you, it literally takes less than 2 seconds to make it go away.

According to a report from News 10 ABC, it's not technically illegal to send you the unwanted messages as they're 'peer to peer' suggesting that the messages are send out by an individual person, and not a robot per se.

I did exactly what was suggested in the news report.  It took all of 2 seconds and the annoying messaging instantly ceased. I simply replied back with one word.

All in caps: 'STOP'.  It felt a little aggressive but freeing all at once.


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