It's time for fall baseball which means it's another reason to cheer on my son, Ryan, as loud and proud as I can. I get mic-ed up at his baseball games and then play it back on the show. Here is the latest installment of "Big League Chooch". My ten-year-old son, Ryan is playing fall baseball now and on Sunday he had a doubleheader. He was fortunate to be able to play baseball over the summer and it gave us all a bit of normalcy. He is playing fall ball on the same team with all of the same kids and they are playing so well together. After a few weeks between seasons, he was playing again. I couldn't wait to cheer him on.

I come from a long line of enthusiastic fans. My parents, grandparents, siblings, and cousins were always the loudest on the sidelines. I guess you could say it's in my blood to be the most obnoxiously supportive.

On Sunday, I mic-ed myself up so you could hear my passion as I cheer on Ryan and his teammates on the baseball field. During the doubleheader, there were many close plays and exciting ones too. There was a play at the plate that inspired me to blurt out the Water Slide World jingle. Obviously the kid was sliding, but whatever came over me at the moment made me sing it. Take a listen to this week's "Big League Chooch".

Do you or someone in your family get really loud and obnoxious at your kids' games? I know I'm not alone, so to all of you other chooches out there, cheer loud and proud.

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