We are very fortunate that we are still playing baseball. Not only because of the pandemic, but the weather has been cooperating too. Ryan only has a few fall baseball games left and I am still cheering loudly to his teammates and at the games as the "Big League Chooch". Each week at Ryan's games, no matter what the sport, I am the loudest and proudest mom cheering on the sidelines. At times it may be obnoxious and too loud, but I don't care because I am always giving positive reinforcement as I cheer. I am always mic-ed up too so you can all hear how loudly I yell and become the "Big League Chooch".

This week, Ryan had a doubleheader so we spent most of the day Sunday at the baseball field. I always have a lot to shout from the sideline and this week I hone in on some of Ryan's teammates. There is a kid on the team whose nickname is Beef. In the past, I have said, "Hit it on the ground, Beef", along with "Where's the Beef". Most of the time the other parents enjoy my humor and sometimes the kids get it too. I have two more shouts for Beef in this week's "Chooch" along with other shout-outs for some of Ryan's other teammates.

During the coronavirus pandemic, I wasn't able to root Ryan on at any sporting events because there weren't any. I did get creative, however, cheering Ryan on when he was blowing out his birthday candles, playing hours of Fortnite, walking the dog, and other activities. It's nice to be able to cheer him on during baseball again.

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