It's my favorite time of the year. Ryan has started baseball season. It also means that I am back as the loudest fan in the stands cheering on the entire team and of course Ryan. I am "The Big League Chooch."

This past weekend Ryan had his first spring baseball game. Even though it was a bit chilly and I was bundled up, it didn't stop me from cheering loudly from the stands. I can't help it. I love the kids on the team and I try to encourage them with my loud yelling. Brian finds my antics annoying and obnoxious. Nonetheless, I am mic-ed up so you can hear me get boisterous and sometimes a bit crazy.

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This time I highlighted a few players. There is a kid on the team named Denny so I shouted out, "Let's go Denny it's open 24/7 for ya!." Bur what I yelled wasn't the issue for Brian, it was what he heard in the background that caught his attention. Take a listen to this week's Big League Chooch.

Each week at Ryan's games, no matter what the sport, I am the loudest and proudest mom cheering on the sidelines. At times it may be obnoxious and too loud, but I don't care because I am always giving positive reinforcement as I cheer. I am always mic-ed up too so you can all hear how loudly I yell and become the "Big League Chooch".

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