Listen as I Obnoxiously Cheer on my Mechanicville Bocce Team
I usually mic myself up at my son's baseball games but since last weekend was a washout, I thought I would change things up. I joined the women's bocce league in Mechanicville and our first match was Tuesday night. Take a listen to how I obnoxiously tried to cheer on our team as I turned i…
Chrissy's The Loudest Mom at The Mother's Day Game [AUDIO]
Ryan loves to play baseball and I am his biggest and loudest fan. I am one of those parents that cheer really loudly for my kid. I always yell out positive things but I do get pretty loud at times not just for Ryan but for his teammates. I mic myself up for each game so you can hear how passionate I…
Chrissy Tries to 'Blend in' by Obnoxiously Cheering at Son's Game
I can't help it, I love watching my son, Ryan, play baseball. Yes, I am one of those parents who gets loud on the sidelines. I am not yelling at the umps or shouting negative things, I am just cheering loudly for Ryan and the kids on his team. I mic myself up so you can all enjoy my musings. We…
Chrissy Yells Out 'Moons Over Myhammy' at Son's Game
We are very fortunate that we are still playing baseball. Not only because of the pandemic, but the weather has been cooperating too. Ryan only has a few fall baseball games left and I am still cheering loudly to his teammates and at the games as the "Big League Chooch".
Chrissy Cheers on Son's Team -Ruins Halloween
I really enjoy watching Ryan play baseball and love cheering him and his teammates on. I admit I get a bit loud and sometimes obnoxious. It is all done in good fun and now I am shouting out things to his teammates to get them motivated.
Listen as Brian Obnoxiously Cheers On Chrissy's Son
We have all gotten loud at our kids' games. Some are louder than others and I will admit that I am of the louder type. But as we embarked on "Chooch Week" where we highlight other parents as loud as me, we discovered that Brian can also be a chooch at times.

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