Ryan loves to play baseball and I am his biggest and loudest fan. I am one of those parents that cheer really loudly for my kid. I always yell out positive things but I do get pretty loud at times not just for Ryan but for his teammates. I mic myself up for each game so you can hear how passionate I am. We call it "Big League Chooch".

Brian says that he loves to hate this segment but I think he loves it more than he's letting on. This week I actually got a genuine laugh out of him when we played some of my clips from the game. The game was on Mother's Day so there were some shout-outs about us moms being at the game. Listen to this week's installment of "Big League Chooch".

I know each time there is a game the other baseball moms appreciate my humor, passion, and witty things I shout out. They love when I cheer on their kids. I have given some of the kids' nicknames and now everyone calls the kids by their new nicknames.

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Each week at Ryan's games, no matter what the sport, I am the loudest and proudest mom cheering on the sidelines. At times it may be obnoxious and too loud, but I don't care because I am always giving positive reinforcement as I cheer. I am always mic-ed up too so you can all hear how loudly I yell and become the "Big League Chooch".

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