I really enjoy watching Ryan play baseball and love cheering him and his teammates on. I admit I get a bit loud and sometimes obnoxious. It is all done in good fun and now I am shouting out things to his teammates to get them motivated.  I am always loud and obnoxious at Ryan's games no matter the sport. Right now he is playing fall baseball so I encourage the kids loudly to get hits. Many of the kids on his team have nicknames so I will try and incorporate those into the cheers I yell. When they make a great play or run hard to first base, I am always there with a very obnoxious and loud cheer.

This week, they played a very good Troy Dodgers team. Ryan's team hung in there and played hard. During the game, I have to admit that I got so loud at one point, Brian said I sounded like a WWE wrestler at Monday Night Raw. There is also a kid named Jack on the team and I referenced Halloween where Brian said that I ruined the holiday. Take a listen at this week's "Big League Chooch".

During the coronavirus pandemic, I wasn't able to root Ryan on at any sporting events because there weren't any. I did get creative, however, cheering Ryan on when he was blowing out his birthday candles, playing hours of Fortnite, walking the dog, and other activities.

Now that baseball is back, you can listen as The Big League Chooch will make an appearance on Brian and Chrissy in the Morning. She always remains positive but her cheering most of the time comes across as loud and obnoxious.

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