Just how desperate do you have to be to get sale items to start decking each other in the middle of a mall.  I swear, I just don't get it, but here it is on video (because you can't NOT watch) 

One reporter labeled it Black EYE Friday.  I thought that was kind of cute, but the actual story isn't (although it's great for YouTube and that's all we stare at these days anyway, right?)  I know -  no matter what I write here you're just going to skip ahead and gaze at the video anyhow so why not just look at it now!

This looks like it was happening in the food court, not in the stores.  What were they even fighting about?  Who knows, and who cares.  All I know is that a woman was knocked right to the floor here at the Mall St. Matthews.  Not cool at all.

And in another mall, someone callously ripped a vegetable steamer right out of a kid's hands.  (I know - you want to see it…)

So now it makes me think that one of the classic Christmas carols should be updated to read:

Deck the person right break their femur fallen on the ground

Grab the nice kid's veggie steamer

Shove the people push them sideways

Let's rename it Black Eye Friday  ---- (I'll keep working on it.  Stay tuned)