If you are an online shopaholic, this one's for you! 

We all know how incredibly popular Black Friday has been with the public.  It's become a tradition to get out there at 4am the morning after Thanksgiving and join the throngs of crazies to get the best deals.

Amazon.com logo

Well, the brilliant marketing department at Amazon has decided to jump on that bandwagon and try something even better - Black Friday during the summer, and all online of course.

According to MoneyTalksNews.com:

The online retailer announced it’s celebrating its 20th anniversary July 15, starting at midnight PDT, with Amazon Prime Day, a one-day shopping event that promises more deals than Black Friday.



Notice that it's actually called "Amazon Prime Day".  I personally think it's an attempt to get more people to sign up for Amazon Prime -which guarantees free shipping and gives you access to movies, tv shows and music.  But either way, you can scarf up some major deals to be sure.   Just thought I'd pass the word.  Happy shopping!




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