Area Residents Report Seeing Fireball in Vermont Sky
Loud booms and a massive fireball created quite the light and sound show on Sunday evening.  Witnessed by thousands of residents throughout the Northeast, on Tuesday it was confirmed that the Earth-shaking eruption was indeed a meteor. Experts say it was no bigger than a 10 pound bowling ball, but p…
MiSci Getting 'Hands-on' Over Winter Break
I used to love science class because it was always hands-on or we would do some really cool in-person experiments. MiSci is holding winter break sessions that are aimed at keeping kids interested in science with a little bit of each kind of learning. They are even setting up at-home kits for the kid…
Tis The Season For Online Shopping Scams
With more and more people online shopping because of the coronavirus pandemic and now with the holidays around the corner, you are being warned of an uptick in online shopping scams. Here's what to be looking for.
Power Outage Sweeps Fulton County
Thousands of Capital Region residents are without power this morning according to National Grid.  Many of the power outages reported are in the Broadalbin area, which appears to be the epicenter of the disruption.
Star-Studded Virtual Summer Camp Starts Today
Things are much different this summer for our kids. A lot of places have canceled their summer camps and activities that keep our kids busy and active. Now there is a superstore that is doing a virtual summer camp with celebrity guests as the counselors.
‘Natural Disaster’ in Latham Causing Shipping Delays
Anyone else have an issue recently with delays in Amazon items shipped to your house? I know full well that these men and women in the shipping business have their hands - and their trucks - completely full, but as I was anxiously tracking some new golf attire, I couldn't help but notice that my Ama…
Don't Fall For This Streaming Device Scam
We are all watching a lot more television during the pandemic. No matter what streaming service you are using, you are paying for it in some way. There is a warning of one service that is being rerouted to scammers in an effort to take your money.
Love Cowboy Tries to Reboot Tech Moron
Kay in Glens Falls writes:
My husband has been working from home and it's amazing how much he relies on me to help him out with technology so he can stay plugged in. As the demands of his job have changed, I'm like his personal IT person. I help him launch Zoom and other things that pertain to Power …
Watch Chrissy's Mom Give You Hugs & Kisses Drink
My mom continues to stay busy mixing up her favorite drinks during the coronavirus lockdown. It all started as a paint and sip without painting and now she is up to her seventh concoction. This time it's a drink called Hugs and Kisses.

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