Although I pretended to be flustered by trying to write a song on the spot, I actually relish the opportunity to do things under pressure.   So Sean and Bethany popped this on me this morning - and it could just become a weekly feature, thanks to how well you all responded! Welcome to "Write A Song Wednesday!!" 

created by Richie

Here's how it works.  We come up with the first line to a potential song.    "There's a special place in hell for you!" happens to be a Taylor Swift comment during a magazine interview.  If you'd like to read the background of it, here's something from

Anyway, that became the open,  and then took calls for listeners to come up with the next line, then the next etc.  You folks definitely rose to the occasion.  Here's what you came up with.


I then took pieces, created a quick and dirty tune to go with it,  laid the tracks down on my recorder and added some very basic harmonies over it.  DONE!

But WAIT.  There's MORE.  I couldn't leave this alone, so I took all of the parts and edited them into the song to have THEM sing it!  (I'd rather hear you folks than me!!!)

Thanks for all the help.  I couldn't have done it without the great (yet slightly bizarre) content!   And thanks to Bethany for the idea!