Talk about a great throwback Thursday! 12 years ago in 2003 a little 5 year old boy named Patrick came into the morning show on WGNA to sing for a superstar search we were having. He was so adorable and did just about as good as any 5 year old can do under those circumstances. Whenever you see someone so young like that singing though, you wonder how much it really is something they they will ever want to really pursue, I guess in this case we can say that that little 5 year old was very serious about a music career.

Lets first take a quick listen to the 5 year old Patrick Sharrow on the Sean and Richie Show in 2003. I was out this day so the person you hear with Richie on the show will be Scott our old producer.

Flash forward 12 years and this now 17 year old plays various instruments including guitar and piano and has honed his voice quite nicely. I was checking out a bunch of different videos of him performing on his YouTube channel and am really impressed. This particular one stood out for me though , it is from 2014 and features one of my favorite songs by Jackson Browne. Check it out and tell me how far you think that little boy has come. I have to say I'm kinda proud of him.

That's a lot of hard work and talent there, and I hope Patrick continues to chase that dream and follow the music in his heart.



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