It's Saratoga Beer Week, and the celebration continues. It even affected Write A Song Wednesday (too much beer on our minds, I guess) 

I think you will know how Write A Song Wednesday works by now, but in case you don't, listeners come up with a style of music, a subject, and some random words. We also include one particular person to make the song about (this week it was Lauren and Kyle's turn). Then it's all thrown in my lap to create something by the end of the show.

This week we had a guest to help out - Townsquare Media's A.J. Bodden and Erik Budrakey - both responsible for putting Saratoga Beer Week together at the Saratoga City Center.  

Here's how it all came together (with the help of beer samples served during the show!)


Lauren likes mugs with big foam
It's cold outside but she'll  leave her home
to Saratoga she  will roam
Beer Week and we're drinking beer
She's not concerned about the dough to be spent
it's pretty cheap - and there's 100 events
the bars aren;t greasy there's no to repent
after drinking real good beer
it can't be overstated
don't get intoxicated
Lauen's warning you
no when to stop
cuz her husband is a cop
but have a Pilsner or two
Lauren's nice she'ss no meaney
 she likes the smell of dirty martinis
but it's beer week don't be a weeny
come on up and drink some beer


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