Warning: You will probably need tissues when you listen to this, I know we all did.


Today we got to do another installment of "The Kindness Project". This is a project we started to not only make the person we are helping happy but make everyone listening feel good as well. I think we were able to really hit the mark today with this wonderful couple.

It started with an E Mail from Jennifer's husband Bob, he wrote to me and told me how much he loved his wife and how proud of her he was. Bob said that she has been dealing with cancer and has been so strong and just as loving and giving as she was when she was healthy. They have had a lot to deal with, she has Chemo everyday and he works overnights as well as being a volunteer firefighter. I would not have blamed him for asking for the world but all he wanted was a Kindle Fire for his wife because she really , really wanted one.

I tried to do that and add a little more because if nothing else as Valentine's Day approaches these two and their love are pretty inspirational. So grab a few tissues and listen to our latest installment of "The Kindness Project"

What made me feel even better after doing this today was seeing the real reaction from a post on Jennifer's Facebook page:

OMG,OMG, OMG!!!!! Not sure if any of you heard or were listning but Bob & I were on 107.7 WGNA. My husband wrote in to their Kindness Project and they called this morning. I can't BELIEVE we were on the air with Sean, Richie & Bethany (sorry if I spelled your name wrong). It makes my heart so HAPPY that there are SUCH kind people in this world. Sean & his wife ordered me a Kindle Fire which I have WANTED forever, they also got me a $50 gift card to Amazon & the kindness did not stop there, Bob & I are going to be their Personal Guests to the Thomas Rhett concert & we will get to meet him!!!! I am sooo OVERWHELMED. I CAN'T THANK YOU ALL ENOUGH!!!!! And to my husband he AMAZES me more & more EVERYDAY, he has been with me through hell & back & our love just grows stronger & stronger EVERYDAY!!!! Love you to the moon & back Bob. This has REALLY touched me in so many ways. And I CAN NEVER THANK YOU ENOUGH ALL OF YOU!!!!!!

Now remember if it made you feel as good as we did , maybe find a way today to keep the warmth going. A little kindness can go a long way!!



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