Eric Paslay made his return to the Capital Region at the Upstate Concert Hall Friday night. I headed into the show with my GNA family and we got a round of drinks. It felt nice to just kind of kick back and relax to kick off the weekend, even though we were all technically working still. Around 8pm or so, we headed backstage to see Eric. He's such a laid back guy and always seems to have a smile on his face, it's refreshing.

We had our photo opp and got to hang for a little bit. Nick brought up his "worst interviewer ever," to which Eric jokingly played it off like he didn't remember. But, lets be serious, how could he forget?! How many interviews do you think he's been in where the interviewer gives him a banana?

Eric Paslay with Marissa credit: Marissa

We also had some fun filming another video with him - you'll see that soon!

Eric's tour manager then said he had 20 minutes until show time, so we were all heading to the door back to the show, but I had to ask one last question: "Being a songwriter, whose hands do I need to get my stuff to? An artists management?" He had some words of advice for me:

He said, the unfortunate truth for many is that you have to be in the heart of it in Nashville. There are however a couple publishing companies that if you contact and they listen to your stuff and like it, they could start pushing it for you.

Eric Paslay Upstate Concertn Hall credit: Marissa

It just so happens I'm already signed up with one of the companies he mentioned. So, while I'm not in Nashville, it doesn't mean there is no hope. I'm confident in the material I've been working on with a couple of my friends.  Time will tell if the confidence turns into success. In the meantime, I couldn't be more thankful to have had some words of encouragement from someone who has been proven a successful country songwriter.