This was a major challenge.  I can't believe I even got through it in one piece.  Classical music is definitely not my strong point, folks.  But then again, that's the the whole point of Write a Song Wednesday - to make me sweat.  That I did! 

Her name is Keri Walsh and she works for a very prestigious organization -the Business Council of New York State.  

She was great at playing along with this little bit of improv that we do every week.  Listeners have to come up with 5 random words and a style of music.  Then we get information about a particular person and I'm in charge of putting it all together in an hour or less, while on the air!  Gee, no pressure, right?

Ok, I'm kidding.  I love the challenge and really get a kick out of you, the very clever (though sometimes cruel) listeners.

Here's what I came up with, for better or for worse. (Lyrics are below)


Kerry and the listeners put me in a a pickle
trying to write something that's classical
she's with the business council
hardly inconspicuous
she has a husband who dreams he was a platypus
I feel like a butthead
you heard what I said
I just hit a clunker
a big musical bunker
I'm back now and I'm very very very
ready to finish this song for Kerry
(happy with) Mike and  their 5 dogs in Latham
and dancing on the bar drinking Jameson
My song's complete now
I feel so beat  now
I have done my part
though God knows I'm no Mozart


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