I love Raelynn.

YouTube Image, Raelynn

I have been fortunate enough to meet Raelynn on a few occasions and I have taken to just call her "Sunshine" because you truly can not be in a bad mood around her she lights up a room with her childlike joy, smile  and enthusiasm for life. Yet, this morning she made me cry.

Raelynn who is an incredible artist and song writer has released a new song and video called, "Love Triangle" which looks at divorce through the eyes of a child and it is perfect. I love this song because it is not overdone with a sadness that is forced or slaps you in the face, it is simply a real "snapshot" into the thoughts and life of a little girl torn between her parent's love for her and their disdain for each other.

The song does not blame the parents or condemn then for not being able to stay together, it does not favor one parent over the other it merely takes a moment to also point out that in too many cases with divorce or break ups there are others who are effected as well. Some of them can not express their pain or perspective as well as the adults in their lives, this song does that for them, perfectly.