This upcoming Hunter Hayes, Sam Hunter, Lady Antebellum Show at SPAC brings me back to one of the coolest experiences I've had at this station in a very long time.

I'm talking about the time fairly recently when  Hunter Hayes visited our Sean, Richie and Bethany Show.  It was when we were doing Write A Song Wednesday and coincidentally Hunter was in town.  He graciously accepted the challenge to come in with us and help write a song from lyric ideas provided by listeners.

He was so easy to get along with, and I'm sure he had every reason not to be.  I'm sure he performed the nite before somewhere and must have been exhausted, but he went along with it anyway.

There's going to be a chance this Sunday for a listener to watch him do a sound check plus be part of a meet and greet.  I guarantee he'll be great to hang with.

If you happened to miss it, here is some video of that morning show appearance.



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