I can't decide here. Not sure about this, so I'll let you be the judge.  Should we be messing with the National Anthem, and if so - is this the way to mess with it?

Some call it sacrilegious to change the music, alter the style or try anything creative with this iconic composition.  But then again - maybe it does need a refresh.  SS Banner 2.0?

There's a rock band that took on the challenge recently, because -well - they entered a Star Spangled Banner Challenge.  This was an attempt to get 5 million "hits" on a website to support the Star Spangled Banner, so this was not done as a goof.  I'm just wondering if you like this version and would accept it if it were to be performed at say - a ballgame or something.

Actually, one of the members of the band is retired Navy, so this was done out of reverence. But I still have to ask the question.   What do you think?  Would love to hear your comments.  (I was going to put Rosanne's video on here for comparison, but that would have been cruel)


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