Bowling is always a good time. If it's for a cause, it makes it even more enjoyable. This is a great one for all of you in Troy.   It's a long standing tradition - the Troy Flag Day Parade

According to the Times Union website, there's a fundraising event happening at Uncle Sam Lanes on 600 Fulton Street for the parade happening on June 14th.

You should gather together a 4 person team and head on over there.  It begins at 1 PM, and donations are $20 a person.  You get 3 games!  Coincidentally, the Flag Day Parade also starts at 1 PM on June 14th.  Little piece of trivia here - Did you know that it is the largest Flag Day parade in the U.S.? 

photo by Richie Phillips

All the more reason to keep the tradition alive, but these things don't run on love alone. Parades ain't cheap for a city to host.  They had the same problem in Albany with the St. Patrick's Day Parade.  There was a major controversy over where the money should come from to fund it.

Come on, folks - who doesn't love the sound of the drums and the horns and the twirlers and the excitement?

I happened to attend this one a couple of years ago.  It really is something to see.  In fact I did a blog about it at that time

So whether your a pro or Gutter Ball Gus, come on down to Uncle Sam Lanes and help out.  You'll feel good that you did, and the city will thank you for it.