Some of the best stories I see are not national stories about big celebrities or even incredibly huge acts of bravery or charity, sometimes it's in the smallest acts that the human spirit is most revealed.  Here is a story I saw on my Facebook feed this morning that was just too good NOT to share.

A local little league team, the Greenfield Yellow Jackets were having lunch in a restaurant when they noticed a group of veterans eating in the next room. I don't know exactly who's idea it was or  if it was because it is Memorial Day Weekend but someone asked if they could go over and shake the veteran's hands and thank them for their service to the country.

Photo courtesy of Greenfield Yellowjackets

The post accompanied the picture read: "The Greenfield Yellowjackets had a special opportunity today. After finishing lunch we noticed a group of veterans eating in the next room of the restaurant. The boys gathered and formed a line. Each player shook the hand of each of those veterans and thanked him for his service. Beautiful thing to see on Memorial Day Weekend and a wonderful lesson learned."

I agree it was a wonderful lesson learned, for all of us!