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Madison VanDenburg’s National Anthem Gave Us Chills At Countryfest
There were plenty of musical performance highlights at WGNA's Countryfest 2019 this past Saturday but none, in my opinion, topped what our hometown American Idol Madison VanDenburg did to kick off the show.  In case you missed it in person, watch her rendition of The Star Spangled Banner and tell me…
National Anthem
The "Star Spangled Banner" isn't an easy song to sing and a lot of people have had a hard time with it including Aaron Lewis, who sang it before Game 5 of the World Series 2014.
While most people have a hard time remembering the words, this guy had no trouble remembering w…
Worst Anthem Ever
Over the years there have been many bad renditions of the National Anthem. Some people forget a line or a word, others are just terrible singers. This one however takes the cake. It is almost hard to listen to because it is so embarrassing!
Race Car Plays The Star Spangled Banner [VIDEO]
I have heard many different versions of our National Anthem. Obviously I have heard people sing it whether it be very good or god awful. I have heard a number of great guitar players do some great renditions of it. I even was at a baseball game many years ago where a champion whistler whistled the s…