First things first, this is just a great rendition of our National Anthem . from the NFC Championship game last night between the Carolina Panthers and Arizona Cardinals. I guess you wouldn't expect less from Little Big Town , their harmonies are always amazing. There is just something about the Star Spangled Banner sang with precision and passion that always gives me goose bumps, this one is no exception.

The second thing that struck me about the video is something we talked about on the air this morning, what the stadium announcer says when he is introducing the Anthem.

"Ladies and Gentleman, as you place your right hand over your heart while all vererans may render their hand salute..."

As I heard this I couldn't help but wonder if we are really at a point in our country where people need instructions as what to do when the National Anthem is played at an event. Really? I'm sure in the best of worlds this guy is just embellishing the moment with what he is saying but still.

Fortunately, Little Big Town knew exactly what to do with the Star Spangled Banner, they sang the heck out of it!



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