I was watching the NBA All Star festivities when Fergie started singing the National Anthem.  It was bad and I knew in real time that the social media/twitterverse was going to have a field day with it. I respect the anthem, the flag, and the singers who are trying their best to sound good, but I couldn't help but to chuckle (and in some cases burst out laughing) at some of these attempts below. Life is too short not to smile...so here you go!

They say all press is good press, and if that's true, Fergie is having the last laugh after all the attention she received from her unsuccessful attempt of the Star Bangled Banner Sunday night at the NBA All Star game. Somehow, though, I don't think that's the case.

With the exception of the horrific rendition sung by Rosanne Barr at a Padres game in 1990, I don't think anyone intentionally goes out their way to butcher our country's national anthem. Sometimes people just have a moment where nerves take over, their brain locks or their voice just doesn't respond.  Sometimes it's all three as evident by the compilation video of some of the worst renditions of the Star Spangled Banner anyone has ever heard.

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