In just a few hours at 9 pm the first Presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will begin. IT is expected to be watched by nearly 100 million Americans, ratings that rival the Superbowl. I expect that half the people are tuning in because  feel it will be an informative debate and half because and half because they want to see a train wreck.

Today on the Sean and Bethany Show we asked you what you will be looking for? What is the issue that is most important to you and may sway you one way or another? We got some great answers like , economy, immigration, healthcare and the like. I too would like to have all of those things covered but there is something else that  I really want to see.

What I really want to see is a real, intelligent thought provoking debate that shows me and the rest of the world that there is indeed hope still to be had in America. I want to see two people with differing ideas express themselves but also respect the right of the another to express themselves as well. I want to see mutual respect among adversaries and not a tirade of cheap shots and below the belt comments. I want to see two people who realize they are not only running to be the President of America but also that they currently represent America, to it's people and the world.

More than all of those things I would like to see every American tune in , try to keep an open mind and cast an educated vote in November. Remember, if we don't take our responsibility as voters seriously, how can we expect serious candidates and debates.




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