I am so excited about the College Football National Championships tonight on ESPN.

While we have had championship games before this will be the first ever born from a playoff system. This game between the Oregon Ducks and the Ohio State Buckeyes and will likely be watched by a record setting number of fans. The semi-final games on New Year's Day already set records for viewing, in fact both games were the most watched shows ever on cable.

So who better to open the game with the National Anthem than Country Music's very own, Lady Antebellum! I know they will do us proud and cant wait to see them nail the Star Spangled Banner tonight.

In fact, here is a reminder of just how well they can sing from the 2010 Sugar Bowl.

If you are wondering who I am picking I am very much a fan of the DUCKS! I hope they win and do it decisively, though I don't think the Buckeyes should ever be overlooked. As for the experts in Vegas, the line at the time of me writing this is Oregon by 7 and a whopping, 74 for the over/under.. So , I have to say Oregon Ducks and the over, what do you think?