The Travel Channel is back this August with new episodes of one of my favorite shows "Man Vs Food".  New host, same concept; Eat until you can't eat any more. Pizza, hot wings, sushi, burgers, hot dogs, ice cream!  My heartburn just flared up thinking about it. Do you know of any places in the 518 that offers food eating challenges?

Raise your hand if you've eaten a steak so big or a sundae so enormous that you truly felt like you should be rewarded for your gluttony? Ok, ya'll can put your hands down now! According to the Travel Channel's website, new host of "Man Vs Food" Casey Webb will "hit the road in search of hometown hotspots with the spiciest, largest and most amazing dishes on their menus.”

Press Association

The Ugly Rooster in Mechanicville has a giant pancake , Famous Lunch in Troy has a hot dog eating challenge, and The Wagon Train BBQ in Schenectady has an epic hamburger challenge.   Where in the Capital Region should the new host and new show hit up? While you all chew on that, I'm going to go chew on some Tums!

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